In the light of Covid-19, everyone is considering what the future will mean to them and their families. It has been widely reported in the media that there has been a significant increase in members of the public writing or amending their will. Our charities would be grateful if you would consider including a legacy gift to a cause that means something personal to you.

To help you and your solicitor, our Board member, Bernadette Parte of Parte & Associates Solicitors has shared the following wording and explanations;

Some useful information for leaving a legacy gift in your will.

It is very important to include the following information. Your charity can provide this or please consult the Charities Regulators’ website for the full list of registered charities.

  • Full name of charity
  • Registered address of charity
  • CHY number
  • Charity registration number

Precedent clause for a Will

I GIVE the sum of €xx (sum in words) to [name of charity] [charity registration number] of [registered address of the charity]* for the general purposes** of the said charity and I direct that a receipt by the treasurer or other proper officer of the said charity shall be sufficient discharge for my executors in the payment of this legacy. If, at the date of my death, the said charity has ceased to exist or has amalgamated or become incorporated with another charity or has changed its name, then this legacy shall not fail, but my executors shall pay the legacy to such charity as they consider most nearly fulfils the objects of that which I intended to benefit.***


*A testator (person making Will) may wish to leave a gift to a particular branch of a charity and in which case the branch address should be inserted.
** If testator wants to leave a gift to a charity specifically for research and development, ensure that the charity has a research and development function.
*** If a charity changes its name or becomes amalgamated into another charity, this provision allows the executors to leave the gift to a kindred charity.

Wishing everybody good health at this time of crisis.