Diarmuid Gavin encourages people to consider leaving a legacy gift in their will

Renowned gardener Diarmuid Gavin is calling on people to ‘grow their legacy’ as part of this year’s My Legacy Month campaign, which was officially launched today. As the 2021 campaign ambassador, Diarmuid is encouraging people to consider leaving a legacy gift in their will to a charity that means something to them.

Commenting at the launch of the campaign, Diarmuid said: “Even thinking about making a will is a taboo for some. It’s something we don’t like to confront. It almost feels like we’re tempting fate. That’s why a campaign like My Legacy Month is so important – it encourages us to think about our wishes and allows us the space to consider what we want in our wills. Once family and friends have been taken care of, do we have room to leave a legacy gift to a charity we admire?

“I hope that my own legacy will benefit our natural environment – a place of beauty and biodiversity, an environment which enhances my life enormously and gives me great joy. This month, I would encourage people to consider what they would like their legacy to be and to have those conversations with their loved ones about considering a charity in their will. Legacy gifts large or small can have a huge impact and it’s important that we make it a greater part of the fabric of society.”

About My Legacy Month

My Legacy Month is an annual campaign that reminds people of the importance of making a will and generates awareness about legacy giving, asking people to consider including a legacy gift in their wills for a charity they care about.

The campaign is run by the umbrella group My Legacy, which is made up of 80 Irish charities working together to make legacy-giving the norm in Ireland.

Impact on charities

Also commenting today, Aoife Garvey from My Legacy said: “The past 18 months have been a really challenging time for everyone and have forced us to reevaluate and focus on what is truly important to us. Despite numerous cancelled fundraising events and various difficulties they have faced, charities across Ireland have continued to provide essential services to the most vulnerable people in our society.

“In an increasingly challenging environment, legacy-giving is vital for a sustainable, shock-proof future for Irish charities. There is a common misperception that philanthropy and legacy-giving are only for the wealthiest in society. But the truth is that even a small gift could have a huge impact for a charity and its beneficiaries by helping to protect their services into the future.

“We’ve also found that people may be reluctant or sometimes nervous about writing a will. While it may seem daunting, this process can actually be done in three simple steps in as little as an hour. It can also give people great peace of mind to know all their affairs are in order, and their loved ones have been taken care of.

“By leaving a legacy gift, you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you’ll have a positive impact on someone who will need your help in the future. This month, we are encouraging people to think about what their legacy will be and to consider including a charity in your will that matches with your values and what’s important to you.”

3 Simple Steps to Writing a Will

The three simple steps involved in writing a will are:
1. Make an appointment with a solicitor: A solicitor will give expert advice and support. This is the first step to discuss your wishes and decisions for the future.
2. Look after loved ones first: A will provides for loved ones, assigns guardians, protects assets, and helps reduce inheritance tax.
3. Consider a legacy gift to charity: If you have a cause close to your heard, consider leaving a gift to that charity in your will. A gift may be big or small and is tax free.