My Legacy is delighted to again highlight our Legacy Snapshot research report produced in partnership with Persuasion Republic. It is the second in a series of new legacy research projects we are undertaking together.

The aim of this research is to try to arm legacy fundraisers with new information which they can use in their work to develop better strategy and tactics and win more support within their organisation. We hope our members will also find it easier to benchmark their organisation against their peers and the sector in general.

Survey 1 is a quantitative study listing 40 public fundraising charities and their voluntary and legacy income for 2016 and 2017.

Survey 2 is an in-depth study of 20 legacy fundraising charities spanning the last 6 years with details of legacy income, number and type of bequests, In Memory income and gifts, legacy administration and marketing.

Also worth reading is the Community Foundation of Ireland’s report ‘Legacies for Good’ by Jim O’Leary which highlights the enormous potential of the legacy income over the next 20 years. There are several tens of thousands of multi-millionaires and more than one hundred thousand millionaires in Ireland today. Altogether somewhere between €122-€185bn could be left in wills and transferred between generations in this period. If charitable bequests were to account for a similar percentage as in the UK our current legacy income would amount to €220m per year, a figure that could rise to the €380-€560m range by 2036. The report outlines a number of policy initiatives that could help towards achieving this goal and they are well worth supporting.

For more information about our Legacy Snapshot and joining My Legacy as a member, please get in touch.